Monday, 26 November 2012

The Chip Shop, 31st March 1984

This is the only other recording I have of The Chip Shop, from another of my old cassettes...

"The Chip Shop"
Presented by Barry Norman
BBC Radio 4
Saturday, 31st March 1984, Programme 12

(11:12) I had the complete 25 minute show for a couple of years but then copied these highlights onto another tape before re-using the tape.

This weeks show reports from the 9th West Coast Computer Faire in San Francisco.  Includes a speech by Bill Gates who Barry Norman says sounds like Kermit!  Also includes talk by Andy Goldberg of Lexisoft talking about their word processor "Spellbinder", Larry Tesla of Apple talks about software that'll tell you if a piece of writing has enough impact.  Then there's a feature on the DECtalk speech synthesizer (it's the one Professor Stephen Hawking uses) with its different voices, and it can even sing!


 [The broadcast date is a guess. The 9th West Coast Computer Faire was 22-25th March so the earliest possible date for the show would be 24th March but I feel that's too soon and 31st March is more likely.]

Friday, 23 November 2012

Radio Moscow, 19th August 1991

Radio Moscow
"The First Decision issued by the State of Emergency Committee"
19th August 1991 / 1107GMT
14.5Mhz (Approx. It was only a little radio with a not very accurate dial.)
(15 minutes)

Another one from one of my cassettes.  I recorded this on the first day of the August Putsch, a coup attempt (19-21 Aug 1991) which although short-lived is widely considered to have contributed to the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Instead of their normal programming Radio Moscow were broadcasting classical music which they'd interrupt occasionally to give this message.

More info on the coup on wikipedia.


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Chip Shop, 14th Jan 1984

This isn't from a reel, and I didn't find it as I never lost it, but it definitely fits the category of old recordings you thought you'd never hear again.  This is from one of my older cassettes that survived not being recorded over (apart from the first few minutes) ...

"The Chip Shop"
Presented by Barry Norman
BBC Radio 4
Saturday, 14th Jan 1984, Programme 01

(22:29) Incomplete - the first 2:48 of the cassette was recorded over.

- The recording starts with a piece about teenage programmers and whether they're getting a fair deal.
- Barry Norman announces the Chip Shop takeaway service where software will be broadcast on Radio 4 late at night using a new language called Basicode, an idea started by the Dutch. He interviews Dutch broadcaster Jonathan Marks to talk about it.
- William Horsley talks about Japan's significance in the computer market & Robin Webster talks from Silicon Valley.
- Jane Bird (editor of Personal Computer World) talks about the latest news. This week talking about the launch of the Sinclair QL.
- Limerick competition.
- Tessa Shaw goes to the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop and talks to Nick [2nd name not mentioned] to find out how the shows signature tune was done.


Incidentally I diligently recorded all the basicode programs (broadcast late at night after the shipping forecast) and sent off for the software. When the cassette arrived it included the software for a whole variety of computers including some pretty obscure ones but there was no version for one of the most popular computers the Spectrum. Since I had a Spectrum I was pretty annoyed.  I got a refund on the Basicode cassette and taped over the programs I'd been recording.  What a waste of time that was!  I have no idea if a Spectrum version was written at a later date but by then the moment had passed.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Alan Dell - A Date With The Forties

"A Date With The Forties"
BBC Light Programme, 18th September 1967, 2130-2200
Alan Dell presents half an hour of Glenn Miller.

This is followed by a minute and a half of the start of "Emery At Large" (Series 3, episode 8.)


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Mystery. Can you help?

Lucky Strike / Date With A Disc, c.1963

This one is mystery hopefully someone can solve.

The reel starts with the first ten minutes of a show called "Lucky Strike".  After ten minutes the reel was stopped and you get a further 20 minutes of the show that was being recorded over, "Date With A Disc".

- It's the same person doing both shows.
- They can't be BBC shows, the BBC don't do advertising so would never have had a show called Lucky Strike.
- There were no Independent local stations in the UK in 1963 and the only other possibility would be Radio Luxembourg but it sounds nothing like a Luxy show and I'm sure a Luxy show sponsored by Lucky Strike would mention the sponsor more than just the once at the very start.
- There was a BBC show called Date With A Disc. It was hosted at this time by Alan Dell. The man in these recordings is not Alan Dell and this show sounds nothing like Date With A Disc.  That also rules out Luxembourg who would never have copied the name of a current BBC show.

I'm pretty sure the person who recorded this worked in radio or in sound recording.

I can only think of 2 possibilities...

1. He was making these recordings for the fun of it, as a hobby.
2. He was recording them for hospital radio.

Does anyone recognise his voice?

Lucky Strike
Date With A Disc

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Eric Winstone, c.1959

Eric Winstone, c.1959

Broadcast at 1pm on a Tuesday. 29 minutes into the recording there was a break for the news but unfortunately the reel was stopped there and restarted after the news.
Running time: 42:33
Complete show would have been around an hour.

Steve Martin - ??
Dennis Rowe (trumpet) - Gloria ("playing a new melody called Gloria")
Linda Shannon - A Little Bit More Romancing
Andy Weavley - A Little More Of That Old Scooby Doo
Roy Marsh Quartet - ??
?? - Midnight Cha-Cha
Steve Martin - I Know ("Steve Martin, our featured guest singer")
?? - Sleepwalk
Andy Weavley - Route 66 ("Andy has a broken wrist... he's plastered in one arm")
Linda Shannon - Broken Hearted Melody
Steve Martin - You Are In Love
?? - Private Wellington Bull
Winstone Orchestra - ??
Linda Shannon - Love Must Be Catchin' (released by Julie London in 1959)
Roy Marsh - Tuxedo Junction
Andy Weavley - Kansas City
("Andy Weavley is on the way back to his bass, and Ted Warburton on the double (bass) is on the way back to his saxophone.")
Winstone Orchestra - If I Had You


Friday, 10 August 2012

Our Day And Age - A Brave Step (fragment)

Title: Our Day And Age - "A Brave Step"
Broadcast date: c.1958
Length: 4 minutes 10sec (Incomplete show)

The very end bit of an episode, the rest having been recorded over.
This probably comes from series 2 of the show, sometime around mid 1958.

This episode was about Alec Scott, a blind man who became a broadcaster.
With Charles Witherspoon as Alec Scott.
Also includes a few words from the real Alec Scott at the end.
Script written by Stephen Grenfell who was also the storyteller.


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Our Day And Age - Operation Snowdrop

Title: Our Day And Age - #65 (series 3, episode 2) - "Operation Snowdrop"
Broadcast date: late 1958
Length: 29 minutes 14sec (complete show)

A dramatised account of the great blizzard which struck Northern Scotland in Jan 1955.
Script written by Steven Grenfell who is also the storyteller.


Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Day By Day 14th March 1969

"Day By Day"
Southern TV
14th March 1969
(35 minutes)

Local news show...

Pegwell Bay hoverport scheme
Former goalkeeper guilty of receiving stolen cigars
Oil-polluted beaches at Herne Bay
Alfred Shermilly celebrates 50th wedding anniversary with a salvo of rockets
Housewife in court accused of petrol bomb attack on a police car
Forged fivers alert
Gillingham man in trouble in Kenya for naming his great dane after President Kenyatta
A man's challenge to sell union jack carrier bags in Paris.
Threatening letters sent to Archbishop of Canterbury.


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

CKLX & CBC Canada 1955

2 short snippets on the end of a reel...

Short wave
(Length 1 min 38 sec)

"This is Canada transmitting now on the European service, on CKNC... and on CKLX..."
"At this time we close station CKLX... ...and have now been joined by CKCX."

CBC Canada
Short wave
(Length - 50 seconds)

"To end the news, here are the baseball results in the international league on Friday..."
"...That was a news broadcast for Canadian servicemen overseas read by Earl Fisher in Montreal."

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

News 25th June 1969

BBC World Service
25th June 1969, 1300GMT
(10 minutes)

Rhodesia, Vietnam, Israel, Healey visits Hong Kong & Singapore, Poisoning kills fish in River Rhine, Harrisburg race riots, Judy Garland's death declared accidental, Tennis-Wimbledon.


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Church Service & Latin-American Music 1961-62


10:36 - 11:00am
The Litany & Ante-Communion from the Temple Church, London
Officiant: Rev W. D. Kennedy-Bell.
Organist & Choirmaster: Dr. George Thalben-Ball

11:00am pips & announcer (tells us that at 11:30 there'll be an abridged version of of "An Inspector Calls" and at 12:00 "Rendezvous With Spring" a talk by Harry Soan(sp?).)

11:00 - 11:05am
Programme of Latin-American Music

with The Chico McDermott Latin Music
1. Intro
2. Maria's Her Name
3. The End Of The World (vocal - Sonny McKenzie, arrangement by Hal Green) (fades out)

This is what was taped over the start of the Dennis Lotis recording (Sept/Oct/Nov 1961) and has to be sometime after that date.


Saturday, 14 July 2012

Dennis Lotis, Oct 1961

Dennis Lotis
BBC Light Programme
Sept/Oct/Nov 1961
(18 minutes)

01 Dennis Lotis - ?
02 Judd Proctor - Kon Tiki
03 ? - [instrumental]
Johnny Douglas introduces his pianist Ronnie Price
04 Ronnie Price with the Ivor Raymond singers - All The Things You Are
05 Johnny Douglas Orchestra - Santa Margarita / medley
06 Dennis Lotis - Soon It's Gonna Rain
07 Judd Proctor - [Instrumental. Introduction mentions Alligators which presumably hints at the song title.]

The main clue to the date is the introduction to Kon Tiki - "Riding the waves of the current hit parade is Kon Tiki" (This song Was a hit for The Shadows, Sept'61, re-entry Nov'61).

The first part of the reel (29 minutes) had been recorded over and most likely contained the first part of the show from the start.  This 18-minute portion fades out at the end with no indication it's the end of the show, so what we have here is probably more-or-less the third quarter of a 1-hour show.


Sunday, 8 July 2012

BBC Radio London 23+30 Jan 1972

"Friends And Neighbours"
BBC Radio London
23rd January 1972
(14 minutes)

The last 12 minutes of the final edition of "Friends And Neighbours", a record request programme on Sunday afternoons hosted by Susan Barnes.  She explains she's not leaving the station but that she'll still be on weekdays for the show "Woman In Town" and that she starts a new Sunday show next week. This is followed by the news for 2 minutes.


"The Songbirds"
BBC Radio London
30th January 1972
(14 minutes)

The first 14 minutes of the first edition of "The Songbirds" hosted by Susan Barnes.  She presents songs recorded during the first round of the National Girl Guide Festival of Song.  The groups getting through to the final round won the chance to appear on an LP which was released later in the year.


Thursday, 5 July 2012

A Decade Of Dankworth, 1960

A Decade Of Dankworth
BBC Light Programme
Jan-May 1960
(18 minutes)

Introduced by Alan Dell, with the Johnnny Dankworth Orchestra, Cleo Laine, Manny Albam, Matthias Scheiber.

01 New Forest
02 I'm Going To Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter (with Cleo Laine)
03 The Colonel's Tune
04 We Are The Lambeth Boys
05 Sapphire
06 clip from Newport Jazz Festival 1959.07.03
07 talk with Manny Albam & Matthias Scheiber
08 ??
09 end credits


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sing Something Simple, c.1968

Sing Something Simple
Radio 2
(8 minutes)

A short clip from a Sing Something Simple show.
Date is only approximate and could easily be anywhere between 1966 & 1970.


Monday, 2 July 2012

The Dissolution of Dominic Boot (1964)

"Just Before Midnight" : The Dissolution of Dominic Boot
BBC Light Programme
15th January 1964
(14 minutes)

Tom Stoppard's first radio play.

With John Baddeley as Dominic Boot with Peter Pratt & Valerie Kirkbright
Produced by Michael Bakewell.

Yes this is the 1964 version, not the recently rebroadcast 1978 version.


Saturday, 30 June 2012

AFN Frankfurt (19th Jan 1970)

AFN Frankfurt
19th January 1970
(96 minutes)

8:30pm Suspense - "Night On Red Mountain" (20th Nov 1960)
8:54pm Fire Report, with fire prevention officer Tom Collins
9:00pm News, with Mike Sherman
9:05pm Stateside Sound Survey, with Jim Collinson
10:00pm News
10:07pm -end-

A continuous recording with no edits apart from at 9:56pm when the reel was turned over.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Pick Of The Pops, 18th Oct 1964

Pick Of The Pops
18th October 1964
BBC Light Programme
Presented by Alan Freeman
(45 minutes, the full show would have been 60 minutes)

The start of the show is missing. I'm not sure if the first song even belongs to this show as there's an edit.
The 3rd part of the show "LP Time" is cut, and the show cuts out before the final song which I believe would have been Roy Orbison - Oh Pretty Woman.
There's also a couple of times where the levels drop for less than a minute, once during a song and once during a link from one song to the next, although you can faintly hear the link if you listen carefully.


(Originally erroneously listed as 4th October 1964. Anyone who downloaded that file please change the date).

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Two-Way Family Favourites (Nov 1962)

Two-Way Family Favourites
BBC World Service
November 1962
(26 minutes)

A record request programme for British servicemen (and women) to send messages to their families back home.
The show is hosted by a man and a woman but I don't know their names.
Both the beginning and end is missing from this recording, I don't know how long the complete show would have been, 60 minutes maybe.


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A Nation At Worship (c.1957)

A Nation At Worship
Voice Of America

Religious programme.
The speaker is The Very Reverend Monseigneur John J Dorrity, professor of sacred scripture & Immaculate Conception seminary in Darlington, New Jersey.  Music is sung by the St. Mary of Sorrows senior choir and the Catholic polyphonic choral society of Buffalo, New York.

Note that sound quality is bad for the first 22 seconds then it improves.
The person recording it had the levels turned down for the first 22 seconds so I boosted the volume as much as I could and so the first 22 seconds can be faintly heard... "A Nation At Worship. Each week at this time The Voice Of America invites you to listen to a half hour religious programme ............... hemisphere(?) of the United States..."


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Monday, 25 June 2012

BBC Radio London (2nd June 1971)

BBC Radio London
VHF 95.3
2nd June 1971
(33 minutes)

"Woman In Town" with Hilary Osbourne
Bob Fenn talks about Cookery, Scones & strawberries
Lucille Hall talks about cookers
Des Rainer talks about shopping

Common market, Boilermakers dispute.

"Reggae Time" with Steve Barnard


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Pop Club - Tommy Vance (25th August 1973)

"Pop Club"
BBC World Service
25th August 1973
(28 minutes)

A record request show hosted by Tommy Vance.
The show includes Mike Beatty having a brief chat with Eric Stewart of 10CC.
The start of the show is missing, I don't know how much is missing but the recording starts at around 2321 GMT so how much is missing would depend of whether the show started at 2300 or 2315 GMT.
At the end of the show it continues with the football(soccer) results.


(Originally erroneously listed as 17th March 1973. Anyone who downloaded that file please change the date).

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Army Bandstand #145 (1961)

Army Bandstand #145
with guest Archie Bleyer

This 15 minute show starts with "Hernando's Hideaway", the start is cut but apart from that the show is complete.  Then Jim the shows host chats with Archie, followed by "Water Boy" by Don Shirley & his trio, then a commercial for joining the army, more chat with Archie, then "The Poor People Of Paris" by Archie Bleyer Orchestra - a preview from his forthcoming and as yet untitled album (which was released later in 1961, titled "Moonlight Serenade"), then another army commercial.


True Story - Trouble In Turmoil 5 (c.1962)

A dramatised account of a true story about a fuel leak onboard a B52 bomber in 1956, starring Bernard Braden as co-Pilot Nichols and Dennis Gausher(?) as Flight Lieutenant Barton.
Others taking part were John Farrell, Bob Keston, Richard Murray, Nichola Stewart, Tommy Duggan, Errol McKinnon.
Includes a few words from the real Squadron Leader Barton at the end of the show.

Broadcast somewhere around 1962, possibly a year or two earlier.


Friday, 22 June 2012

AFN Frankfurt, 1968 & 1969

Three short clips from AFN Frankfurt, recorded from somewhere near the south coast of England.

Clip 1, 1968, 6 minutes
A vignette about Ralph Bunche who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1950.


Clip 2, June 1968, 6 minutes
"Point Of Law" presented by Jack Moyle.


Clip 3, 12th Aug 1969, 17 minutes
The last 6 minutes of X Minus One - "The Map Makers", the 9pm news with Milt Fullerton, then the first few minutes of "Music In The Air".


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Unidentified TV show (extract)

A 2½ minute snippet from an American TV show.  Probably early 60's.
I have absolutely no clue what this show is, maybe someone is able to identify it.


EDIT: Now identified...

emruf7 says : "Could be the 1961 Fred Astaire film "The Pleasure of His Company," with Tab Hunter as Roger, Debbie Reynolds as Jessica, and Harold Fong as Toy."

Yes, I'm pretty sure that's it!  It fits in with the mid-60's date of the reel as that's probably the first time the film was shown on TV in the UK.

Ring A Ding Ding, Nov 1962

A radio show called "Ring A Ding Ding", presented by Pat Campbell in November 1962.
It's the last 21 minutes of a 45-minute show.

The show features guests Danny Williams, Craig Douglas, Julie Grant, The Ronnie Price Septet, Judd Proctor & The Plainsmen.
(Judd Proctor was a member of the Ray Ellington Quartet on The Goon Show.)

01. I Can't Give You Anything But Love (The Ronnie Price Septet, vocals: Danny Williams)
02. With These Hands (The Ronnie Price Septet, vocals: Danny Williams)
03. The Carioca (Judd Proctor & The Plainsmen)
04. Are The All Like You (The Shadows cover) (Judd Proctor & The Plainsmen, vocal: ?a Cliff soundalike)
05. Devil Woman (Judd Proctor & The Plainsmen, vocal: Craig Douglas) [It's not the Cliff song of the same name]
06. To Be Young And In Love (The Ronnie Price Septet: vocal: Julie Grant)
07. ?? (The Ronnie Price Septet, vocal: Danny Williams)
08. Goodbye Joe (Alma Cogan) [from record]

Radio 2, clips, 1972

Three clips from Radio 2 in 1972.

In the first one, a 6-minute clip, we get trails for various shows that will be on later, then the news from 18th June 1972, then a couple more show trails.


The second clip (also from 1972) lasts 10 minutes and is from a music show presented by a DJ who's name I don't know. He mentions "I went to see Sonny & Cher last night at their one and only performance in this country" so it could probably be dated from that.


In the last clip (probably from 1972 or thereabouts), a little over 3 minutes, a song ends then the shows host David (David Jacobs?) chats with his guest, harmonica player Jimmy Hughes.  Jimmy plays a song for a couple of minutes before the tape ends.


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Kenny & Cash - Radio London Aug'65

This 15-minute recording from the pirate ship Radio London (aka Big L) starts with a couple of minutes of a DJ who may be Tony Windsor (I'm not sure), and then continues with Kenny And Cash (Kenny Everett & Dave Cash). Probably from around August 1965.


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

News & Music 1962

This 18-minute recording contains several fragments of shows & news clips.  The news clip is from March 1962 although the other clips aren't necessarily from the same year.
The quality starts off bad but improves after a minute or two.

1. The last 2 minutes of an episode of The Bradens, 1962
2. News, March 1962
Berlin air corridors, East Germany, 3 people found dead in Bootle, Smallpox death in South Wales, Prince of Wales returned to Cheam School this evening. He's been convalescing since his operation for appendicitis a month ago.  It should be possible to date it from this but I can't find the date.  (The operation was 12th Feb 62.)
3. A minute of jazz
4. The end of a news report, possibly the same bulletin as the earlier clip if the small jazz snippet was  recorded at a later date.  This leads into "Your 100 Best Tunes" before cutting off after a few seconds.
5. Music (from records)
The Bell Notes (?) - I've Had It
Johnny Nash (?) - Walk With Faith In Your Heart
(female singer) - The Ould Lammas Fair
(piano) - medley including Auld Lang Syne
6. (female singer) - Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
7. Announcer announcing a classical piece, Toccata, which ends after the first 3 notes are played.


Reg Guest Quintet 1958

Here we have one that was just labelled "Reg Guest Quintet".  It's the last 13 minutes of a radio show on the Light Programme or the Home Service.  Probably from somewhere around 1958.

01 A Lady Loves (To Love) [female vocal]
02 Wait Till Tou See Her [Reg Guest vocal]
03 The 920 Special
04 Mr. Five By Five [female vocal]
05 Goodbye [female vocal]
06 End theme - It's A Pity To Say Goodnight [Reg Guest & female vocal]

Reg Guest plays piano, I don't know who the other 4 members of the Quintet are.
Can anyone identify the female vocalist?


Listening to old reels

It's always interesting listening to old reels knowing that they haven't been played for decades and not knowing what you might discover on there.  Often it's just a recording of someone's record collection but if the owner of the reels was more adventurous you'll find recordings of other things, radio, tv, live recordings even.  I'll be posting some of my collection in this blog.  Some are complete shows, some incomplete, and some are merely fragments.

I've done my best to provide the dates but for some it's just not possible.  For some I don't even know the name of the show.  Probably some who download and listen may be able to help with identification.