Monday, 26 November 2012

The Chip Shop, 31st March 1984

This is the only other recording I have of The Chip Shop, from another of my old cassettes...

"The Chip Shop"
Presented by Barry Norman
BBC Radio 4
Saturday, 31st March 1984, Programme 12

(11:12) I had the complete 25 minute show for a couple of years but then copied these highlights onto another tape before re-using the tape.

This weeks show reports from the 9th West Coast Computer Faire in San Francisco.  Includes a speech by Bill Gates who Barry Norman says sounds like Kermit!  Also includes talk by Andy Goldberg of Lexisoft talking about their word processor "Spellbinder", Larry Tesla of Apple talks about software that'll tell you if a piece of writing has enough impact.  Then there's a feature on the DECtalk speech synthesizer (it's the one Professor Stephen Hawking uses) with its different voices, and it can even sing!


 [The broadcast date is a guess. The 9th West Coast Computer Faire was 22-25th March so the earliest possible date for the show would be 24th March but I feel that's too soon and 31st March is more likely.]

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