Tuesday, 19 June 2012

News & Music 1962

This 18-minute recording contains several fragments of shows & news clips.  The news clip is from March 1962 although the other clips aren't necessarily from the same year.
The quality starts off bad but improves after a minute or two.

1. The last 2 minutes of an episode of The Bradens, 1962
2. News, March 1962
Berlin air corridors, East Germany, 3 people found dead in Bootle, Smallpox death in South Wales, Prince of Wales returned to Cheam School this evening. He's been convalescing since his operation for appendicitis a month ago.  It should be possible to date it from this but I can't find the date.  (The operation was 12th Feb 62.)
3. A minute of jazz
4. The end of a news report, possibly the same bulletin as the earlier clip if the small jazz snippet was  recorded at a later date.  This leads into "Your 100 Best Tunes" before cutting off after a few seconds.
5. Music (from records)
The Bell Notes (?) - I've Had It
Johnny Nash (?) - Walk With Faith In Your Heart
(female singer) - The Ould Lammas Fair
(piano) - medley including Auld Lang Syne
6. (female singer) - Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
7. Announcer announcing a classical piece, Toccata, which ends after the first 3 notes are played.


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