Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A Nation At Worship (c.1957)

A Nation At Worship
Voice Of America

Religious programme.
The speaker is The Very Reverend Monseigneur John J Dorrity, professor of sacred scripture & Immaculate Conception seminary in Darlington, New Jersey.  Music is sung by the St. Mary of Sorrows senior choir and the Catholic polyphonic choral society of Buffalo, New York.

Note that sound quality is bad for the first 22 seconds then it improves.
The person recording it had the levels turned down for the first 22 seconds so I boosted the volume as much as I could and so the first 22 seconds can be faintly heard... "A Nation At Worship. Each week at this time The Voice Of America invites you to listen to a half hour religious programme ............... hemisphere(?) of the United States..."


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