Friday, 29 June 2012

Pick Of The Pops, 18th Oct 1964

Pick Of The Pops
18th October 1964
BBC Light Programme
Presented by Alan Freeman
(45 minutes, the full show would have been 60 minutes)

The start of the show is missing. I'm not sure if the first song even belongs to this show as there's an edit.
The 3rd part of the show "LP Time" is cut, and the show cuts out before the final song which I believe would have been Roy Orbison - Oh Pretty Woman.
There's also a couple of times where the levels drop for less than a minute, once during a song and once during a link from one song to the next, although you can faintly hear the link if you listen carefully.


(Originally erroneously listed as 4th October 1964. Anyone who downloaded that file please change the date).


  1. Hi, thanks for sharing this great show. I'm sure this date is actually 18th October 1964

  2. My logic for dating the show was that number 6 Sandie Shaw - "Always Something There To Remind Me" was announced as "first time in the charts ever and straight to no.6" and my copy of Guinness book of hit singles says it entered the charts week ending 8 Oct 64.
    If you can spot an error in my logic then please say so!

    1. The problem is that there was no "official" chart back in 1964. I can't find my copy of Guinness to check their source but has Sandy at 31 on the 10th, 11 on 17th and 1 on 24th.
      The BBC used to create their own chart by combining information from other charts. A very nice chap over at Popscene website (loads of info about TOTP, POTP and other chart shows - sent me a BBC chart document which states "averaged from NME, RM, DISC & MM".
      This has Sandy entering the chart at 21 on 7th, moving to 6 on 14th and 2 on 21st. (These dates being Wednesday the POTP date would be the following Sunday, hence 18th October)

    2. Ah ok, I see. I've corrected it now, thanks.

      I rechecked Guinness. It says they used the NME charts from 1952-1960, then Record Retailer(now Music Week) from 1960.

  3. Great to hear this