Thursday, 21 June 2012

Radio 2, clips, 1972

Three clips from Radio 2 in 1972.

In the first one, a 6-minute clip, we get trails for various shows that will be on later, then the news from 18th June 1972, then a couple more show trails.


The second clip (also from 1972) lasts 10 minutes and is from a music show presented by a DJ who's name I don't know. He mentions "I went to see Sonny & Cher last night at their one and only performance in this country" so it could probably be dated from that.


In the last clip (probably from 1972 or thereabouts), a little over 3 minutes, a song ends then the shows host David (David Jacobs?) chats with his guest, harmonica player Jimmy Hughes.  Jimmy plays a song for a couple of minutes before the tape ends.


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  1. What a fascinating set of clips. Clip 1 includes the programme previews that went out on Sundays at 11.55 Good Listening on VHF whilst the shipping forecast was on LW. Don't know the announcer after the pips but great to hear Simon Bates reading the news. Elsewhere on the net it suggests he joined Radio 2 in 1973 so this clip would mean he was reading the news on both Radio 2 and Radio 4 that year. Family Favourites host Sandi Jones would become the main presenter when Michael Aspel left. The trailer at 4:30 is voiced by chief announcer Jimmy Kingsbury. Roy Williamson would go on to be a Radio 3 announcer/newsreader.
    Not sure about clip 2, sounds a bit like Simon Dee but he wasn't on R2 at that time. Could be from Late Night Extra.
    Clip 3 is probably David Hughes, tenor turned brodcaster as at one point he asks Jimmy Hughes "are you related to me?"