Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Eric Winstone, c.1959

Eric Winstone, c.1959

Broadcast at 1pm on a Tuesday. 29 minutes into the recording there was a break for the news but unfortunately the reel was stopped there and restarted after the news.
Running time: 42:33
Complete show would have been around an hour.

Steve Martin - ??
Dennis Rowe (trumpet) - Gloria ("playing a new melody called Gloria")
Linda Shannon - A Little Bit More Romancing
Andy Weavley - A Little More Of That Old Scooby Doo
Roy Marsh Quartet - ??
?? - Midnight Cha-Cha
Steve Martin - I Know ("Steve Martin, our featured guest singer")
?? - Sleepwalk
Andy Weavley - Route 66 ("Andy has a broken wrist... he's plastered in one arm")
Linda Shannon - Broken Hearted Melody
Steve Martin - You Are In Love
?? - Private Wellington Bull
Winstone Orchestra - ??
Linda Shannon - Love Must Be Catchin' (released by Julie London in 1959)
Roy Marsh - Tuxedo Junction
Andy Weavley - Kansas City
("Andy Weavley is on the way back to his bass, and Ted Warburton on the double (bass) is on the way back to his saxophone.")
Winstone Orchestra - If I Had You


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