Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Day By Day 14th March 1969

"Day By Day"
Southern TV
14th March 1969
(35 minutes)

Local news show...

Pegwell Bay hoverport scheme
Former goalkeeper guilty of receiving stolen cigars
Oil-polluted beaches at Herne Bay
Alfred Shermilly celebrates 50th wedding anniversary with a salvo of rockets
Housewife in court accused of petrol bomb attack on a police car
Forged fivers alert
Gillingham man in trouble in Kenya for naming his great dane after President Kenyatta
A man's challenge to sell union jack carrier bags in Paris.
Threatening letters sent to Archbishop of Canterbury.


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

CKLX & CBC Canada 1955

2 short snippets on the end of a reel...

Short wave
(Length 1 min 38 sec)

"This is Canada transmitting now on the European service, on CKNC... and on CKLX..."
"At this time we close station CKLX... ...and have now been joined by CKCX."

CBC Canada
Short wave
(Length - 50 seconds)

"To end the news, here are the baseball results in the international league on Friday..."
"...That was a news broadcast for Canadian servicemen overseas read by Earl Fisher in Montreal."

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

News 25th June 1969

BBC World Service
25th June 1969, 1300GMT
(10 minutes)

Rhodesia, Vietnam, Israel, Healey visits Hong Kong & Singapore, Poisoning kills fish in River Rhine, Harrisburg race riots, Judy Garland's death declared accidental, Tennis-Wimbledon.


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Church Service & Latin-American Music 1961-62


10:36 - 11:00am
The Litany & Ante-Communion from the Temple Church, London
Officiant: Rev W. D. Kennedy-Bell.
Organist & Choirmaster: Dr. George Thalben-Ball

11:00am pips & announcer (tells us that at 11:30 there'll be an abridged version of of "An Inspector Calls" and at 12:00 "Rendezvous With Spring" a talk by Harry Soan(sp?).)

11:00 - 11:05am
Programme of Latin-American Music

with The Chico McDermott Latin Music
1. Intro
2. Maria's Her Name
3. The End Of The World (vocal - Sonny McKenzie, arrangement by Hal Green) (fades out)

This is what was taped over the start of the Dennis Lotis recording (Sept/Oct/Nov 1961) and has to be sometime after that date.


Saturday, 14 July 2012

Dennis Lotis, Oct 1961

Dennis Lotis
BBC Light Programme
Sept/Oct/Nov 1961
(18 minutes)

01 Dennis Lotis - ?
02 Judd Proctor - Kon Tiki
03 ? - [instrumental]
Johnny Douglas introduces his pianist Ronnie Price
04 Ronnie Price with the Ivor Raymond singers - All The Things You Are
05 Johnny Douglas Orchestra - Santa Margarita / medley
06 Dennis Lotis - Soon It's Gonna Rain
07 Judd Proctor - [Instrumental. Introduction mentions Alligators which presumably hints at the song title.]

The main clue to the date is the introduction to Kon Tiki - "Riding the waves of the current hit parade is Kon Tiki" (This song Was a hit for The Shadows, Sept'61, re-entry Nov'61).

The first part of the reel (29 minutes) had been recorded over and most likely contained the first part of the show from the start.  This 18-minute portion fades out at the end with no indication it's the end of the show, so what we have here is probably more-or-less the third quarter of a 1-hour show.


Sunday, 8 July 2012

BBC Radio London 23+30 Jan 1972

"Friends And Neighbours"
BBC Radio London
23rd January 1972
(14 minutes)

The last 12 minutes of the final edition of "Friends And Neighbours", a record request programme on Sunday afternoons hosted by Susan Barnes.  She explains she's not leaving the station but that she'll still be on weekdays for the show "Woman In Town" and that she starts a new Sunday show next week. This is followed by the news for 2 minutes.


"The Songbirds"
BBC Radio London
30th January 1972
(14 minutes)

The first 14 minutes of the first edition of "The Songbirds" hosted by Susan Barnes.  She presents songs recorded during the first round of the National Girl Guide Festival of Song.  The groups getting through to the final round won the chance to appear on an LP which was released later in the year.


Thursday, 5 July 2012

A Decade Of Dankworth, 1960

A Decade Of Dankworth
BBC Light Programme
Jan-May 1960
(18 minutes)

Introduced by Alan Dell, with the Johnnny Dankworth Orchestra, Cleo Laine, Manny Albam, Matthias Scheiber.

01 New Forest
02 I'm Going To Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter (with Cleo Laine)
03 The Colonel's Tune
04 We Are The Lambeth Boys
05 Sapphire
06 clip from Newport Jazz Festival 1959.07.03
07 talk with Manny Albam & Matthias Scheiber
08 ??
09 end credits


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sing Something Simple, c.1968

Sing Something Simple
Radio 2
(8 minutes)

A short clip from a Sing Something Simple show.
Date is only approximate and could easily be anywhere between 1966 & 1970.


Monday, 2 July 2012

The Dissolution of Dominic Boot (1964)

"Just Before Midnight" : The Dissolution of Dominic Boot
BBC Light Programme
15th January 1964
(14 minutes)

Tom Stoppard's first radio play.

With John Baddeley as Dominic Boot with Peter Pratt & Valerie Kirkbright
Produced by Michael Bakewell.

Yes this is the 1964 version, not the recently rebroadcast 1978 version.