Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Mystery. Can you help?

Lucky Strike / Date With A Disc, c.1963

This one is mystery hopefully someone can solve.

The reel starts with the first ten minutes of a show called "Lucky Strike".  After ten minutes the reel was stopped and you get a further 20 minutes of the show that was being recorded over, "Date With A Disc".

- It's the same person doing both shows.
- They can't be BBC shows, the BBC don't do advertising so would never have had a show called Lucky Strike.
- There were no Independent local stations in the UK in 1963 and the only other possibility would be Radio Luxembourg but it sounds nothing like a Luxy show and I'm sure a Luxy show sponsored by Lucky Strike would mention the sponsor more than just the once at the very start.
- There was a BBC show called Date With A Disc. It was hosted at this time by Alan Dell. The man in these recordings is not Alan Dell and this show sounds nothing like Date With A Disc.  That also rules out Luxembourg who would never have copied the name of a current BBC show.

I'm pretty sure the person who recorded this worked in radio or in sound recording.

I can only think of 2 possibilities...

1. He was making these recordings for the fun of it, as a hobby.
2. He was recording them for hospital radio.

Does anyone recognise his voice?

Lucky Strike
Date With A Disc

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  1. Sorry I don't recognise the voice. I suspect they are amateur recordings judging by the difference in vocal and music levels.