Sunday, 24 June 2012

Pop Club - Tommy Vance (25th August 1973)

"Pop Club"
BBC World Service
25th August 1973
(28 minutes)

A record request show hosted by Tommy Vance.
The show includes Mike Beatty having a brief chat with Eric Stewart of 10CC.
The start of the show is missing, I don't know how much is missing but the recording starts at around 2321 GMT so how much is missing would depend of whether the show started at 2300 or 2315 GMT.
At the end of the show it continues with the football(soccer) results.


(Originally erroneously listed as 17th March 1973. Anyone who downloaded that file please change the date).


  1. What a great find, World Service show recordings are very rare. I think at the time Pop Club was just 30 minutes long. It extended to 45 minutes in January 1975 when Noel Edmonds took over.

  2. Nice piece of history, thank you for sharing. The football results date the show as 25th August 1973
    Cheers, Haze

    1. Ah you're right.

      I'll change it to reflect the correct date.
      I can't remember where the 17 March date came from although it's possible it was written on the reel.