Saturday, 14 July 2012

Dennis Lotis, Oct 1961

Dennis Lotis
BBC Light Programme
Sept/Oct/Nov 1961
(18 minutes)

01 Dennis Lotis - ?
02 Judd Proctor - Kon Tiki
03 ? - [instrumental]
Johnny Douglas introduces his pianist Ronnie Price
04 Ronnie Price with the Ivor Raymond singers - All The Things You Are
05 Johnny Douglas Orchestra - Santa Margarita / medley
06 Dennis Lotis - Soon It's Gonna Rain
07 Judd Proctor - [Instrumental. Introduction mentions Alligators which presumably hints at the song title.]

The main clue to the date is the introduction to Kon Tiki - "Riding the waves of the current hit parade is Kon Tiki" (This song Was a hit for The Shadows, Sept'61, re-entry Nov'61).

The first part of the reel (29 minutes) had been recorded over and most likely contained the first part of the show from the start.  This 18-minute portion fades out at the end with no indication it's the end of the show, so what we have here is probably more-or-less the third quarter of a 1-hour show.


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